Why just survive college?

Why just survive college?

Why just survive college?

Rigor & Personal Attention

Studying the timeless Catholic liberal arts under the mentorship of our committed faculty, in a vibrant Catholic environment with unmatched personal attention will help you mature in wisdom, virtue, and ability—intellectually, morally, socially, and spiritually.

Small Size. Big Opportunities.

Christendom offers many opportunities to gain important leadership skills and do internships, along with many athleticmusical, performance, and outreach programs available. Students can also spend a semester abroad in Rome, join one or more of our many clubs and activities, or take part in our Spring Break Mission Program.

The Priceless Made Affordable.

Christendom’s reputation for faithfulness to the Magisterium, academic excellence, personalized attention, commitment to student success, and its extra-curricular offerings make it a leader among Catholic colleges today. And with our Price Match Program, a Christendom education is more affordable than ever.

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Thriving at Christendom

Students come to Christendom from a variety of educational backgrounds—private, public, and homeschool—and from all across the nation and different countries. While students, they study an integrated Catholic liberal arts curriculum, and develop true friendships with their professors and fellow students. Rather than sitting on the sidelines as spectators, students become active members of the college community, taking part in everything from student government to varsity sports, event planning to internships, theatrical performances to service projects, and everything in between. Christendom students also grow in their knowledge, love, and practice of the Catholic Faith, and can frequent the Sacraments on a daily basis, thus helping them to live a life of virtue as they grow in wisdom. Christendom students do not simply survive college—they thrive.

“I see and talk with students my age who go to other universities and realize that at Christendom, I have learned how to think—really think—in a rational and critical way to solve the problems of everyday life.  I’ve also learned how to balance and prioritize all aspects of my daily life–from academics, to athletics, to my spiritual life and social life—so as to grow as a whole person and glorify God through the gifts He has given me.”

-Helena Briggs ’19

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“The education here is more than just learning a set of skills — it’s learning how to think and how to act when any situation comes up. We’re promoted from being like a machine to being a human being, who actually flourishes, thanks to Christendom.

– Brian Zhu ’21

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of those who leave the Church do so before they are 23 years old.

Don’t Become a Statistic.*

Select Majors. Unlimited Possibilities.

Christendom alumni are involved in just about every field possible. They come to Christendom with the goal of being educated, not trained, so that they can graduate with a broad education, ready to handle anything that comes their way.

“After answering my questions, my future boss looked across the desk and asked, ‘Are you sure you want this position, because honestly it seems like you could do any job here.’”

– Matt Worley ’12
Private Client Account Manager
World First

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“Having faith and morals is extremely important in this setting. I believe that my education in philosophy helped me for this position, because it allows me to look at the picture of my patient’s health as a whole and helps me try to understand different patients’ beliefs about how they view their health and what they are or aren’t willing to do as it pertains to that.”

– Joelle Jansen ’03
Registered Nurse
Medical Surgical Intensive Care Unit, INOVA

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Sealed with Approvals

“I’ll state here what I want to say to every student who is graduating [from high school] and their parents. It’s a warning and a call for wisdom. … And there’s more you can do…. To counter so much progressive indoctrination in American culture, you can also have your graduates consider attending a private, conservative or Christian college or university, such as… Christendom College.” (WND.com)

– Chuck Norris

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