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You’ve come to the right place. Our graduates have been successful in many trades, from carpentry to stone masonry. Having a Liberal Arts background will help you excel in your field because of your ability to think clearly and creatively, bringing new ideas to the table. Scroll down to learn more.

As you choose your college and contemplate your major or career path, remember to not only ask “what do I want to do,” but also “who do I want to be.” You are more than your major. At Christendom College, you will receive an education and formation that will prepare you, not just for your career, but for all areas of life—from family to finance, and social to spiritual. You will be ready for whatever life throws your way. Our education is different. Dare to join us.

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“If you teach students one trade, that skill might be obsolete in a few years. But if you teach people how to think and look at lots of information and connect dots – all skills that a classic liberal education gives you – you will thrive.”

– Vivek Ranadivé, founder and former CEO of TIBCO.

“Beyond needing the skills to do quality work, you also have to develop a knack and love for the business and entrepreneurial sides if you want this to be a way to make a viable living. To me, a philosophy degree was also a great preparation for excelling and enjoying this part of the profession. Philosophy seeks understanding and not just knowledge of facts and figures. For the small business owner, there is often very little data from which to make decisions, and there might not be any ‘best practices’ to refer to. You must be able to ask the right questions, analyze complex issues quickly, think clearly and logically on your feet, and communicate effectively to all kinds of people. These are all habits you begin to foster while studying philosophy at Christendom.”

– Corey Morgan ’07
Corey Morgan Woodwork

“My education and time at Christendom improved my time management, social abilities, and communication skills. Deep down, the nature of man is to produce. In my case, I felt a desire to produce something that I made. In remodeling, renovating and fixing houses I felt more beneficial to those around me. On the business end of things, my Christendom education helps breakdown and evaluate business principles daily. This is important because, every day, I have a bundle of tasks and jobs and I need to find the best solution to completing those objectives efficiently. Studying Philosophy sharpened my ability to organize my thoughts and create a plan quickly and confidently.”

– Nate Collins ’13
St. Luke’s Painting & Remodeling

Alumni in Action

  • Corey Morgan ’07 – Custom Woodworking and Cabinet Making
  • Jesse Batha ’02 – Commercial Airline Pilot, SkyWest Airlines
  • Michael Schmitt ’03 – Stone Mason
  • Nate Collins ’13 – St. Lukes Painting & Remodeling
  • Paul Heisler ’90 –  Heisler Hardwood Floors
  • Frank O’Reilly ’83 – CEO, Petrine Construction

The Power of the Liberal Arts

Through the study of the Catholic liberal arts, you will encounter a universal study of knowledge—through Mathematics, History, Literature, Science, Classics, and Political Science—unified by the central role played by Philosophy and Theology. John Henry Newman noted that this 2000-year time-tested curriculum actually expands the intellect, empowering you to win in the marketplace when competing with graduates of other colleges or universities.

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