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Interested in a Career in Sales?

You’ve come to the right place. Our graduates have been successful in sales and marketing in many different careers. Liberal Arts students have no need to worry about “keeping up” with their peers with career-specific majors. In fact, a recent study shows that a Liberal Arts degree prepares students for long-term professional success. Scroll down to learn more.

As you choose your college and contemplate your major or career path, remember to not only ask “what do I want to do,” but also “who do I want to be.” You are more than your major. At Christendom College, you will receive an education and formation that will prepare you, not just for your career, but for all areas of life—from family to finance, and social to spiritual. You will be ready for whatever life throws your way. Our education is different. Dare to join us.

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“I find people that have a liberal arts background have a broader view of the world and will go farther in business.”

–Michael Fromm, CEO of Fromm Electric

“The liberal arts education I received at Christendom prepared me to think critically and to read and write well, which of course are essential skills… It also prepared me to shift from an editorial career to a marketing career. The liberal arts, which are good in and for themselves, allow you to adapt to different situations and problems. They train your mind for life, not simply a narrow skill or specialization. It’s an education that allows you to adapt to new opportunities.”

– Christian Tappe ’07
Director of Marketing
TAN Books & Saint Benedict Press

“As the president of a dynamic, fast-growing enterprise, I find that my role as a business leader has been shaped by the liberal arts education I received at Christendom College. I was a history major, and my inspiration for leadership is drawn from Dr. Carroll’s heroic characters – Charles Martel, Queen Isabel of Spain, Pope Saint John Paul II, Ronald Reagan, and many others. The courage these leaders exhibited in their lives has encouraged my vision for a business that leads by example. On an additional note, over the past 15 years, having hired multiple Christendom alumni, I am continually impressed by their diverse knowledge base, ability to think critically, and high ethical standards. I will continue to seek out graduates of Christendom, as I believe they are uniquely prepared for the business world.””

-Tim Halisky ’01
President, RLA Mid-Atlantic

Alumni in Action

  • Rob Brown ’02 – History – Business Manager, Virginia Polytechnic Institute
  • Michael Blackmer ’91 – History – Professional Territory Manager, Merz Pharmaceuticals
  • Brian Hudson ’98 – English – Co-Owner/Director of Federal Sales, Federal Defense Solutions
  • Matt Murphy ’91 – Political Science – Area Sales Manager, Morris Ginsberg
  • John Gordon ’97 – Political Science – Franchise Owner/Operator, Chick-fil-A
  • Mark Rohlena ’00 – History – Director, Domestic Social Development, USCCB
  • Niall O’Donnell ’03 – English – Director of Marketing and Creative Services, Christendom College
  • Draper Warren ’08 – History – Marketing/Conference Project Manager, Seton Home Study
  • Lauren Merz ’10 – Philosophy – Development Manager, Live Action
  • Tim Coffey ’02 – Philosophy – General Manager, Stone Concepts
  • Paul Almeter ’05 – Philosophy – CEO, Almeter Construction
  • Frank O’Reilly ’83 – History – CEO, Petrine Construction
  • Joe Doyle ’87 – History – Vice President, Doyle Signs
  • Tim Halisky ’01 – History – President, RLA Mid-Atlantic
  • Andy McDonald ’05 – History – Director of Operations for Sarto Countertops
  • Patrick Dean ’98 – Theology – Partner/Owner, Hvalsoe Hardwoods
  • Andy Day ’06 – Politcal Science – Regional Director, FOCUS

The Power of the Liberal Arts

Through the study of the Catholic liberal arts, you will encounter a universal study of knowledge—through Mathematics, History, Literature, Science, Classics, and Political Science—unified by the central role played by Philosophy and Theology. John Henry Newman noted that this 2000-year time-tested curriculum actually expands the intellect, empowering you to win in the marketplace when competing with graduates of other colleges or universities.

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