Careers in Protective Services

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Interested in a Career in Protective Services?

You’ve come to the right place. Our graduates are strong leaders as police officers, special agents, and members of the armed forces. Liberal Arts students excel in protective services because they have the integrity and communication skills needed to be effective leaders. Scroll down to learn more about how you can follow in their footsteps.

As you choose your college and contemplate your major or career path, remember to not only ask “what do I want to do,” but also “who do I want to be.” You are more than your major. At Christendom College, you will receive an education and formation that will prepare you, not just for your career, but for all areas of life—from family to finance, and social to spiritual. You will be ready for whatever life throws your way. Our education is different. Dare to join us.

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“Communication was always a critical component of military tactics, and the more complicated combat has become, the more important it is to ensure clarity of thought and expression that relies upon a grounding in softer disciplines.”

– Joseph Zengerle, Lawyer

“There are many attributes required to make a good law enforcement officer, but I believe the most important is to be of good character. Our society grants the police so much authority and entrusts them with maintaining peace and order. The fortitude to resist temptations, to strive for what is right, to stay always truthful, and maintain a strong moral conscience are the only ways to justly carry out your duties and validate the people’s trust.  Christendom is second to none in forming men and women of good character to be sent into the world to do what is good.”

– Ted Eidem ’00
Louisville Metro Police Department

“The emphasis that Christendom placed on developing skills in research, writing, and defending truths, have easily been the most beneficial of the many practical, career-minded skills that I developed in college. I can trace most of my career advancements to these skills, and have had different supervisors point to these strengths as grounds for my success.”

– Nick Murphy ’90
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF)

Alumni in Action

  • John Curran ’91 – Philosophy – Supervisory Special Agent, FBI
  • Nick Murphy ’90 – History – Agent, ATF
  • Adam Marchand ’06 – Political Science – State Trooper, Vermont
  • Ted Eidem ’00 – Political Science – Police Detective, Louisville, KY
  • Nicholas Lowry ’11 – History – Uniformed Security Officer, Inter-Con Security Systems
  • Captain Andrew Cole ’09 – Philosophy – Communications Officer, USMC
  • David Bushey ’08 – History – Linguist, US Navy
  • Captain Joe Mazzara ’08 – Philosophy – Artillery, USMC
  • Kyle Greene ’08 – History – Avionics Sensors Journeyman in the US Air Force
  • Captain Michael Moore ’05 – Political Science – F-16 Fighter Pilot, US Air Force
  • Ist Lt Rand Brown ’08 – Political Science – Logistics Officer, USMC
  • Sarah Flamminio ’08 – English – Linguist, US Navy
  • Captain Paul Provencher ’08 – History and Philosophy – Infantry officer, US Army
  • Major Gabriel Young ’01 – Political Science – Major and Attorney, US Air Force

The Power of the Liberal Arts

Through the study of the Catholic liberal arts, you will encounter a universal study of knowledge—through Mathematics, History, Literature, Science, Classics, and Political Science—unified by the central role played by Philosophy and Theology. John Henry Newman noted that this 2000-year time-tested curriculum actually expands the intellect, empowering you to win in the marketplace when competing with graduates of other colleges or universities.

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