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Interested in a Career in Education?

You’ve come to the right place. Our graduates are successful teachers at grade schools, high schools, and universities all over the country. Liberal Arts majors are especially prepared to work in education, and as a recent study shows, they are more likely than their peers with professional majors to attain advanced degrees. 

As you choose your college and contemplate your major or career path, remember to not only ask “what do I want to do,” but also “who do I want to be.” You are more than your major. At Christendom College, you will receive an education and formation that will prepare you, not just for your career, but for all areas of life—from family to finance, and social to spiritual. You will be ready for whatever life throws your way. Our education is different. Dare to join us.

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“The goals of liberal education are to prepare students to question relentlessly, to think through problems carefully, and to analyze consequences. Today, these qualities of mind developed through liberal education are perhaps more indispensable than ever.”

– Richard C. Levin, former President of Yale

“My experience as a student at Christendom College inspired me to become an educator. The faith formation and liberal arts education that I received prepared me to be an effective teacher and an educational leader. The curriculum at Christendom instilled solid critical thinking skills in me that has assisted me in my role as both a teacher and the Dean of Instruction at my school. Most importantly, Christendom helped me to foster a strong love for the Catholic Faith, so I strive to help others encounter Christ at my workplace each day.”

– Victor Alcantara ’05
Dean of Instruction / Religion and Bioethics Teacher
St. John Paul the Great Catholic High School

“Undergraduate and graduate education today tends to produce exceptionally narrow specialist-professors who cannot speak outside their interests, much less to the general student population. Christendom’s core curriculum represents the best of all possible worlds for those striving to become professors and scholars in the humanities, for it grounds them in the permanent questions and educates them over the whole of the western tradition. My experiences at Christendom are foundational for my life as a professor and scholar engaged in dialogue with the non-Catholic world. I am profoundly grateful for what I received.”

– Dr. Donald S. Prudlo ’99
Associate Professor of Ancient and Medieval History
Jacksonville State University

“Teaching is a natural fit for a Christendom grad. As students, we were constantly impressed with the responsibility to share what we have been blessed to receive. My liberal arts degree has shaped the way I view my career—I view it as a vocation. Because a liberal arts education is an education for life, it keeps me from seeing my job as only a job—it truly is a calling.”

– Emma Boyle ’09
Director of Mission and the New Evangelization
John Paul the Great Catholic High School

Alumni in Action

The Power of the Liberal Arts

Through the study of the Catholic liberal arts, you will encounter a universal study of knowledge—through Mathematics, History, Literature, Science, Classics, and Political Science—unified by the central role played by Philosophy and Theology. John Henry Newman noted that this 2000-year time-tested curriculum actually expands the intellect, empowering you to win in the marketplace when competing with graduates of other colleges or universities.

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