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Steve Jalsevac
Co-Founder and President

“Christendom college has been life-changing for the Jalsevac family. All [our children] did very well and had enriching experiences at the college. Three married wonderful spouses from Christendom. All are practicing their faith and grandchildren have been coming in healthy numbers.

The children not only grew in faith at Christendom, but they also gained tremendous knowledge and high quality critical thinking, writing and other skills that few colleges now provide.

I have had the opportunity to hire Christendom College grads as journalists and for other positions for LifeSiteNews, for which I am president and co-founder. It has been impressive how quickly they grasp the difficult life, family and cultural issues that we specialize in reporting. Their writing and research abilities, general competency and trustworthiness have been an impressive testimony to Christendom’s Catholic education and formation program.  I would strongly encourage anyone to consider hiring Christendom grads.”


An honor normally reserved for individual states, Christendom College has carried the lead banner in the March for Life four times in the March’s history. Christendom routinely cancels classes on the anniversary of the Roe v Wade decision that legalized abortion on demand in the United States, and its Student Activities Council charters buses to provide transportation for the hundreds of students eager to attend. 





Building up Strong Marriages

Over the past 40 years, there have been over 426 alumna-to-alumnus marriages (with less than 20 divorces).

Mary-Rose Verret ’04
Founder, Witness to Love

“Couples, nowadays, are becoming increasingly less engaged in marriage preparation. I sought to change that — a new, risky undertaking that Christendom gave me the confidence to do.”


Christendom’s students are active in pro-life causes throughout the year, with the student-run Shield of Roses group prayerfully protesting at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Maryland every Saturday morning. This past November, Shield of Roses held its fall “Mega-Shield” event, where nearly 25% of the student body protested at the abortion clinic.

In addition, students educate secular college campuses about the realities of abortion each semester, and volunteer at local pregnancy centers. Students’ generous sprit also extends to mission trips throughout the year, traveling from New York City to Nicaragua to help the poor and impoverished in countless ways.


Felicity Fedoryka ’17

“I’ve always been invested in the pro-life cause, particularly aspects of it that focus on freeing women from the societal pressure and adverse circumstances that make them feel abortion is the only solution to their problems. When I interviewed at the Front Royal Pregnancy Center soon after graduation, I knew that I had found somewhere I could use my personal talents and skills to be a part of this fight against abortion and the exploitation of both the mother and the child.”


Christendom College has helped foster over 160 religious vocations amongst its alumni ranks (82 priests, 50 sisters, 5 brothers, 1 permanent deacon, and 22 men currently in seminary).

134 Christendom Drive
Front Royal, Virginia 22630


134 Christendom Drive
Front Royal, Virginia 22630